How muscle took over the world: Project Outline

Kakera Complex

Attention Little Busters, a new mission is about to begin. But before that, a word on the issues behind Visual Novel localization.

I’m sure many fans of Key or VNs in general are aware of the general consesus of the Japanese communities regarding their visual novels; the idea that their games should stay within the country.

Originally, I supposed that this was an idea born from unawareness of us western fans, but each day I find more and more evidence to the contrary. The Japanese know we exist, but our existence is a threat to the industry. Why is this? It’s because of messy politics of visual novel localization. Even though there is demand in the west for new Visual Novel releases, Japan can’t comply because what can pass for sale in Japan won’t necessarily pass for sale overseas, so the commercial localization of VNs in the west is usually…

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