Rabla Reviews: Black Rock Shooter The Game [PSP]

The first thing I have to say after using that as the featured image is that the Opening video for this is done by ufotable and it is beautiful, so if theres only one thing you’re going to look at in this post, make it this:

Okay, done? Pretty cool right.

Anyway, the actual game.

The story is a really, weird, confusing, mess. You’re Black Rock Shooter (hurr) who is an artificial weapon created to fight against the badguyrobots. You awaken after the world has already gone through a near apocalypse, and you travel across the world beating up the alien people in order to… I don’t actually know what the end result was. It was whack.

The gameplay is pretty cool though. As you go throughout the game you’re given access to five or six very open locations, and the game works on ‘Stages’ which is a location, and within those Stages you have Missions, which are basically, well, missions. Field Gameplay is fairly basic, you move across the gameworld, get to where you’re going, occasionally use your BlackRockMotorbike which is awesome. Combat works like a Third-Person Shooter, although you’re limited in that you only have two spots where you can stand. You have to switch between them in order to dodge attacks. You also have various skills you unlock throughout the game, and can have up to four ready for us in your battles. It sounds odd but it works pretty well and I really enjoyed it.

The game is also Part RPG. As you progress and fight enemies, you’ll level up, get stronger, unlock new skills and abilities, etc etc. “TPS x RPG” nearly turned me away at the reveal but it ended up pretty cool.

As I said, the story is a weird mess. I do know you’re going along and killing these alien guys who are responsible for the whole disaster. I made this handy guide to help you pronounce their goddamn names.

But yeah, all in all, if you’re willing to play along with the weird story, you’ll get a good few hours out of it. Theres also some insanely hard Post-Game missions and a true ending, but I never beat them ;_;

Ciao for nao.


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