The first thing I have to point out is that this “review” was written for another website last December. So if there’s anything that seems odd about it, it’s because I didn’t write it with this website in mind. It should be fine though. MOVING ON, THE REVIEW.


Most people know that I’m a huge RPG freak and that ever since I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy III DS in late 2009, I’ve been in love with the franchise.

Of course, Final Fantasy doesn’t have the best reputation with fans after XIIXIXVII whatever game the fans have currently decided to poke at. I’ve said it a lot before, and I still think that the majority of the FF fanbase are reta-… aren’t that bright. Regardless, they’re not happy. Why? Because FF hasn’t been living up to its name in recent years. The brand name has been damaged, and Square Enix knows it. But on the 27th of October, a brand new entry in the series launched on the famous RPG king, the Playstation Portable. I’m going to tell you why it “saved Final Fantasy,” as the fans would put it.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is the story of a nation at war, and let me warn you in advance: This isn’t a nice, fantasy war with little monster battles and an evil guy with a really long sword waiting at the end of the game for you to beat up, and the main characters certainly don’t become heroes and live happily ever after. No; This is real warfare with blood, death, and tears. Type-0 takes the reality of war and puts it in front of the player, straight from the start of the game.

You play the role of an elite class of students, Class Zero, from the magical academy Peristylium Suzaku. The game opens upon their town and school being attacked by enemy forces from the Milites Empire. Right from the opening movie, you have the Milites forces shooting down every Suzaku student they can see (they even kill a Chocobo, the bastards.) The mood of the game is set quickly as Ace, one of the fourteen leads, looks down upon the body of his dead friend before launching into the games first mission.



Type-0, as mentioned, has fourteen leading characters from Class Zero. You take a party of three onto the field and can swap them out with your reserves as needed, and you will need them. Besides Class Zero, the number of plot important NPCs takes the game’s leading cast up into the 40-50 count, and they are all well developed, unique characters. The game does a great job of showing all of their personalities and character, as well. The game itself works well, as it balances the school and world with the war parts of the game. Gameplay segments to progress the story are missions, and Class Zero is the front line of battle for Rubrum and Peristylium Suzaku. When you are not invading and capturing enemy cities or controlling a miniture warzone of little troops, you are either at school taking classes and socializing or exploring the magnificent world of Oriens.

The story itself is great. You really get to connect with the characters of Class Zero, learn about them, see their personalities and reactions and relationships. I honestly cannot express in words the feelings I went through watching some of the stuff Class Zero endured. There were smiles, laughter, sadness, anger, fear, and more. It was easy for me to just fall into the story and get right there with my favourite characters. However, in a war, there is no true happiness, and death is a strong theme throughout the game. Class Zero’s tale is a tragic story, and not just for them, but for various NPCs connected to Class Zero and other prominent figures in the game. There isn’t really a single person who gets a happy ending. I can safely admit that, when I finished the game, I cried for hours. I haven’t emotionally recovered yet either, as I tend to tear up whenever I hear the game’s theme song. Hopefully, I will be ready when the English Version comes around.

Type-0 currently sits as my favourite video game of all time. The team that put this together did a truely amazing job, and now I’m tearing up again just writing this. I insist that, if you have a PSP and, even if you’re not a Final Fantasy fan, if you’re looking for a game to sit down and play that will last you a good while, do considering picking this up. Final Fantasy Type-0 is an amazing emotional journey through a wonderful fantasy world, and I’ll always remember this game as one of my favorites. I look forward to seeing if Square chooses to continue the Type-Series because you can bet anything that I’ll be there on Day One to pick up a copy. I will also be picking up an English version of this game on the release day…if I can pull myself together to get down there, that is.


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