Kinniku Project, meet the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project

Get on this guys. Really want to push this one.

Kakera Complex

Hello all. I know I’ve kept you in the dark about the project for a while now, but it’s turned out that our efforts are required on a much more worthy stage. The translation teams behind Key’s various works into the English language: Doki, Fluffy, the Air TL team and Amaterasu, are uniting with the fans of Key to create, much like my own project, a love letter to Key.

The website for the project is here:

The details are still being discussed, but at this stage it’s looking to be presented as a book with messages and illustrations from Key fans, which will be sent directly to Key to commemorate their 15th anniversary on the 21st July, 2013. That’s almost exactly one year from now. This is a project that was once attempted for the 10th anniversary, but failed due to lack of time and support. But here…

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