Show Me Your Best Set

I realise I’m several days, hours, minutes and seconds late to be posting about this, but I’ve only just recovered from the “Holy shit it’s actually happening” mode I’ve been in since the countdown launched on Monday.

‘The World Ends With You’ is, along with Type-0, one of my favourite video games of all time. I played it early 2009 and pretty much fell in love with it. I’ve 100%’d it multiple times over the last few years and am currently in the Post-Game on my latest playthrough.

So, naturally, after the secret ending I’ve been waiting for a new entry in the series for a looooong time now.

2WY finally coming along has pretty much thrown my entire week out the window, since I’ve been incapable of not thinking about what’s waiting at 00:00:00. The TWEWY Crew at Neoseeker have all sprung to life again, with new threads on the forum regarding speculah based on the countdown page. The website Twewy-fan, which was just about to close down after 4 years due to the lack of new TWEWY, has had an amazing little revival in the single open thread it currently has.

I am incredibly hyped about this, its probably my most anticipated thing ever, and we still don’t even know what it is. Lots of ideas have been thrown around; Sequel, Prequel, Anime, Social Game, Remake/Final Mix…

All I know is that I don’t give a damn and will make sure I can get to whatever it is.


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