That Power is Yet Unknown!

Well well well, I have to say, Square did pretty well on this one.

Last night at 1am my time, the countdown on Subaseka ended. The reveal was for ‘The World Ends With You: Solo Remix‘, a new iPhone and iPad version of the 2008 Nintendo DS game.

A lot of people weren’t happy with this (the trailer Square put on Youtube hit 1000 dislikes in under 15 minutes) but personally I see some great potential in this.

First up, for the game itself. If you haven’t already seen screenshots, I must inform you that the game looks STUNNING. Sprites are tossed aside in order to make room for amazing high quality animated artwork. Everything has been redone and redrawn to live up to the standards of Apple’s Retina Display system.

Secondly, TIN-PIN MOTHERFUCKERS. iOS is such a wide, extremely used platform. With TWEWY on it, its open to so many millions of people who might be interested in it. And so thats so many more people to Mingle with, and Slam with.

Speaking of the whole millions of people thing, the third thing is the Sequel potential. If this game sells like hot stuff, Square will see the fandom is still out there and INCREASING. So opportunities for new entries in the franchise will expand.

Regarding the game, I’m rather excited to play it. The new single-screen setup is interesting and I look forward to seeing how it’s done. There’s SIXTY in-game music tracks, and I love TWEWYs soundtrack to death, so the new songs are going to be a big part of the experience for me. The Twitter thing seems interesting… Its not forced addition and it’s used rather well I think. Sure, the amusing mind scans were a big part of the original TWEWY, but i’m willing to see how it looks. Having my friends walking around Shibuya in a way will be rather cool.

Anyway, my problem. I have an iPad 1. I need a 2 or higher. So I have to start saving =( Feel free to send me any spare money you don’t want.


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