Key 15th Anniversary Project

Anyone who’s seen my reblogs from Kakera Complex would know I’m getting involved in the Key 15th Anniversary Project. I figured I’d do a small post detailing what I’ll be doing, and also as yet-another-shoutout for the Project.

There are various things you can submit; fanart, photos, messages… I’m planning to take a picture of myself, with my Key 10th Anniversary Box in front of me and my Kud figure standing on top of it. I also want to send some messages. One to Jun Maeda, one to Na-Ga, and one to Yuto Tonokawa.

Maeda’s will be about the stories he’s told, and how amazing they are. And of course to wish him luck with the rest of his career now that he no longer is a scenario writer.

Na-Ga, for the amazing art. I love his work in the games, and ever since I found his personal art website I’ve been eyeing it for every update since.

Tonokawa, I want to say thank you for his writing in Little Busters and Rewrite, and wish him luck as Key’s current sole scenario writer, I’ll be looking forward to his future works.


Anyway, head over to the official Key15th website and take a look around, figure out what you want to do. I encourage as many people as possible to get involved in this!


Featured Image totally stolen from Aspierty’s post about Key15th at Kakera Complex. Go check his blog out!


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