EB Games Expo 2012 – Opinions Write-Up

Okay! Sup everyone. Just like last year (though it wasn’t on this site) I’m going to do a big write-up on what I think of the games I played. I actually have a LOT to cover and I don’t totally remember everything, so let’s see how we go. Also, again joining me at EB Expo this year was Kurt “Kluck” Luck, who was my companion for the majority of the day.

Advance note, when I list a platform next to a game title, that’s the platform I played it on. It may or may not be coming out on other platforms as well.

Nintendo Land (Wii U)

Nintendo Land is to Wii U like Wii Sports is to Wii. It’s the big, mini-game collection that helps introduce you to the new way to play- the GamePad. The game plays really well. There’s 12 games all up, and I got to have a shot at a few of the five available at EBX. The first one was a Donkey Kong based game where you tilted the GamePad around to move a little thing on wheels. The GamePad showed it up where you were, and looking at the TV screen showed a long, zoomed out view of the entire area around you. It was pretty fun but I stuffed up a lot and lost my five lifes pretty quickly. One of my friends played a Ninja Shuriken game that you may remember from the Wii U Announcement Trailer. You hold the GamePad vertically and use it to control where you aim on the screen, and then flick the shuriken off the GamePad at the TV, which you use to attack ninjas.

Multiplayer games, I got to play two of. First one was one featured at E3 and such, and should be familiar to all of you – Luigi’s Mansion Ghost Hunt. I was one of the four players and another guy had the GamePad. We got totally destroyed by him. Kluck died first and then I went to revive him but then the two other players decided to not stick around and defend me so we all got picked off one by one D= The second was Animal Crossing Fruit something, four players had to run around and collect fruit while the GamePad holder had to hit us three times. You have to collaberate with the other players since to get more fruit to show up you need to have two or three people standing on buttons to make the fruit come off a tree.

All in all, very fun. Really enjoyed it, and looking forward to playing it in full when I get my Wii U Premium Bundle.

ZombiU (Wii U)

I’m not one for zombie games. So Kluck played this one while I watched and chatted with a guy working for Gamestop. It’s a rather interesting game, honestly. It’s a typical zombie survival but theres a lot of situations where you have to assess whether its safe to let your guard down and do some of the other game features like scanning and managing your inventory.

The game plays in first-person and you move along the old mansion place while using the GamePad screen as a map. Guns and ammo are really sparce, so you need to grab whatever you can find. Seems to be a decent play, so might grab it when it releases.

Pokemon Black and White 2 (Nintendo DS)

Well, nothing much to say on this one. The demo was actually just the game, so I could of sat there all day playing if I wanted to. It’s still the general Pokemon fanfare. I know from actually playing White 2 myself when it launched in Japan its a fantastic game, but the “demo” here didn’t get to show it off.

Pokedex 3D Pro (Nintendo 3DS)

Well… yeah, its Pokedex 3D but with all of the Pokemon and that they expect you to pay for it. There’s a quiz mode, which is what I played with, so there’s new content besides the general Pokedex.

Pokemon Dream Radar (Nintendo 3DS)

“Move the camera and shoot things” Pokemon Edition. I guess the appeal in this is the Pokemon you can unlock and transfer to BW2, and it’s cheap so whatever.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Playstation 3)

It’s basically just like the first game, which isn’t a bad thing I guess, unless you wanted a major overhaul. You can use a controller now, which was pretty good.

Skylanders: Giants (Playstation 3)


Hitman Absolution (Playstation 3)

Fans of the original games, you will not be dissapointed. The Hitman Absolution demo dropped me into a mission in the middle of Chinatown, where I had to take out this famous guy. Cops are everywhere, and, being Chinatown, the crowds are HUGE. People everywhere.

Just like a Hitman game, there are many ways to take down the target. You can find a hidden sniper, you can take out one of his friends and disguise, you can run in with guns blazing, or you can do what I did and wait until he walks around a corner and strangle him to death.

I got a ‘Professional’ ranking in the mission- which is another change from the old Hitman games. You’re now scored on how you handle things, civilian casualties, etc. I got a final score of 199,125 for the mission.

Tomb Raider (Playstation 3)

Where do I even begin. First up, Game of the Show, easily. The new Tomb Raider is a fantastic game. It’s very story based and the game does a good job of making you feel how Lara is struggling along. It’s also very open, after a certain point, though admittedly that change from linear to openness came as hard as Final Fantasy XIII’s Gran Pulse segment, so it threw me off a bit and I got lost.

All in all, fantastic. I can’t praise it enough. Really looking forward to the full game next year.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengance (Playstation 3)

I’ve only recently gotten into Metal Gear Solid, and after playing through a lot of that I realised something about the Rising trailers- they’re extremely action. So when I got to play the game for myself, I was really worried about how it was going to go and if it would keep that MGS charm.

It did. Despite being an Action/Adventure/HackandSlash title, Rising is a really fun game that still manages to feel like an MGS game. Really enjoyable, and really violent and gore-y, actually. The cutting feature works really smoothly into the normal gameplay, which is something else I was worried about. Overall an enjoyable game.

Jet Set Radio HD (Playstation VITA)

I hadn’t ever played the original before, so when I sat down I had no idea what to expect. And damn, I was impressed. It reminded me of when I was a kid and used to play Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 all the time. Would of gotten more out of it if I knew what I was doing, so I didn’t stick around for this one too much.

Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale (Playstation 3)

Sony Smash Bros is rather clunky and messy and never fully explains just what the hell you’re doing and how to do it. I played as Sly Cooper and won though, so that was cool. But yeah, honestly don’t recommend it. If you’re a Smash Bros fan… wait for the next Smash Bros.

Scribblenauts Unlimited (Wii U)

I haven’t touched Scribblenauts since the original game, so it was interesting to sit down and play this. It’s come a long way since it’s first iteration. The demo dropped us into a forest-y map, and there were heaps of people we had to help in order to fill segments of this star. Me and Kluck managed to solve most of them, but when we got stuck, we decided to kill everyone. That was fun. So yeah good game.

Spirit Hunters Inc. Light Version and Shadow Version (DSiWare)

This is another AR camera battle game, but it’s done extremely well- there’s a lot of depth with the eight elements. You choose an element to major in, and then the Spirits you fight have their own. Attacks are done in a sort of MOBA fashion- You choose a skill and use it, and then you wait for it to recharge. Using the attacks depends on what one you’re using, but examples I used were tapping the enemy, flicking the screen towards the enemy, and drawing a circle around it to trap it within a fiery wall. For only 12 dollars when it launches, it might just be something worth looking into.


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