Swag: Rise Kujikawa Figure

2013-04-08 17.55.55

SO FOR SOME REASON, I bought another figure the other day. This time it’s the rather famous idol star from the legendary ‘Persona 4’, Rise Kujikawa! Anyway, as with the Kud post, more pics and info after the jump.

2013-04-08 17.55.02

2013-04-08 17.55.41


So, she’s from ‘DreamTech’, and she’s a 1/8 scale (same as Kud, which makes for fun comparisons when they are standing next to each other). As you can see, she comes with her pair of glasses, and her head is rotatable.

2013-04-08 17.52.33

2013-04-08 17.52.46


Really sweet stand, too. The P4 logo is raised so it looks neat. Though you can’t always tell, depending on angles and lighting. I didn’t know it was raised until I got it, it didn’t look like it in the photos I’d seen.

2013-04-08 17.52.07


Overall, another satisfying purchase, except for the bit where I bought a goddamn fig again. Oh well. I got it rather cheap.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos~ I think I had a bit too much fun posing and getting them taken, honestly. Also I hoped you enjoyed the weird look at my messy desk.


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