E3 Day 1 Highlights – 7 Games I am looking forward to.

E3 is a wonderful time of year, where dev blogs light up, livestreams turn on, and the announcements keep churning out. Today, we saw Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony take the stage as part of the E3 Stage Shows, and their conferences brought reveal after reveal. In this post, I’d like to quickly point out seven games I’m looking forward to. It’s not a “What I think about this and why I’ll get it” or anything like that. It’s just the game’s name, what it is, and a trailer. So enjoy.


Project Spark

Apparently an Xbox One exclusive, it’s kind of like a more action orientated LittleBigPlanet. You create characters, enemies, and worlds in 3D environments to basically create your own game.



A First Person Shooter (Yes I know it’s near impossible for me to like an FPS) which has you fighting alongside a huge mech, that you control and can have fight besides you. Looks great, overall. Coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.


Mirror’s Edge 2

Do I even need to talk about this one? Mirror’s Edge is finally back and looks stunning. Coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4, along with probably PC later on.


Star Wars: Battlefront (New)

BATTLEFRONT IS BACK HOLY SHIT. It’s now done by EA’s team, DICE. Hope it works out okay. Platforms unannounced but probably on both Xbox One and Playstation 4.


Final Fantasy XV

Previously “Versus XIII”, this latest entry to Fabula Nova Crystallis is looking beautiful. A bunch of new characters shown off, the redone combat engine shown off, etc. Pretty excited. As far as I know, exclusive to Playstation 4.


Kingdom Hearts III

Just a small in-development demo, but it looked great. The new graphics look sweet but it will be interesting if the move from the traditional Kingdom Hearts graphics works well when it actually comes around. And then the COMBAT. Sora using his Flowmotion to jump into the air fighting a moving SWARM of Shadow Heartless enemies. It looks great and I hope it goes well. Exclusive to Playstation 4.



A multiplayer open-world First Person Shooter, it feels like a cross between Halo and Borderlands. Looks immensely fun to play and I will definitely check it out if I get the chance. Coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4, but with extra content on the PS4 version.


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