Anime Summer 2013 – Episode 1’s Opinion Write-up

So this is something i’ve been trying to do since, Chuu2 aired. But for whatever reason that one just didn’t get done and I never got around to doing any others. So let’s try this again.

The latest season of anime has just started up, and I’m going to do some quick opinions on what I’ve watched so far. These are just the shows I’ve watched and nowhere near a complete look at the season, so yeah. Let’s jump right in~


Well let’s get this over with first.

FREE! was, I have admitted, better than expected. Animation was beautiful (expected) and the protagonist was interesting and funny. The other characters… I dunno. Seem to have a total jerkass antagonist, so I don’t know if that will end up well. I am interested enough to see how it goes at this point, hopefully it doesn’t get any worse from where it is right now. If it keeps up, then I’ll be happy.

Danganronpa: Hope’s Academy and the Students of Despair

From the guy who brought you the great P4 adaption and the cataclysmic DeSu2 adaption, it’s a show about 15 students locked in a school with no chance of escape unless you kill someone else and get away with it. As Seiji Kishi happily let us know, he’s fine with killing off characters, so clearly this show will be great right?

No but really. I find it hard to believe it was the same guy. P4’s first episode was a bit of merging scenes and rushing, DeSu2’s first episode was the introduction and then straight off to do it’s own thing. Danganronpa’s first episode was… perfect. I just don’t get it. It followed the game exactly as it needed to, avoided a few short differences that would of just slowed everything down (for example, in the game the character introductions are in the entrance hall and then they move to the gym, whereas in the anime they just start in the gym.) Every detail that needed to be there was. There were a few important notes for the first case that were meant to be mentioned within these events, but I assume they will be presented in Episode 2 in order to let 1 serve as the initial introduction.

Now, don’t get me wrong, with a 13 episode run, I’m still worried at some point, something will go wrong. But I think if they play it right, it is possible to cover the game in the time they have. We’ll have to wait and see.

Monogatari Second Series



One of the first things I need to say is that, since Bakemono, none of the other two Monogatari shows have reached that same level in my opinion. Nisemono was fun, but lacking, and NekoBlack was too focused and wasn’t able to have as much fun. There was a charm in the original series that held it up, and Bakemonogatari remains to this day in my Top 5 anime I’ve ever seen (along with Clannad: After Story, Kara no Kyoukai, Ghost in the Shell S.A.C 2nd GIG, and Durarara!!, for those who care).

So I’m skeptical, however optimistic. A return to the large cast, the bigger focus, and the bigger potential, leaves me hoping this could be what I’ve been waiting for since 2009. However, the first episode presented two problems almost immediately.

1. Araragi. More specifically, the lack of Araragi. For such a central character, who ties the entire experience together, for him to be removed from the picture is a very interesting change. I assume this will come into play later (Mayoi seemed to give away it will be explained in her arc), so we’ll have to see how that works out.

2. The OP. It succcckkkkeeedddd. One of the big draws of Monogatari is the amazing music I get from it. …Yeah I’m aware this is more of a personal problem than a show problem, but hey, my blog =P

Genshiken: Nidaime

You have NO idea how excited I was when this was greenlit. I fell in love with Genshiken last year, after catching up with The World God Only Knows, I went in search of another, long-running manga that I could just sit and read for several hours to fill that void. What I found was Genshiken, a very simple yet greatly executed story of the daily lives of otaku and people as they attend their university lives. I read through the entire thing, and then went right ahead and watched the anime, it’s OVAs, and then the second season.

I knew from the manga that Nidaime had started a while after Season 2 due to the resounding success the franchise was having, and reading it was a blast. So yeah, was pretty hype when this came up.

Getting to watch it, it was everything I wanted. I felt like I had never left the group, as they cleverly dropped us right into the next year’s scout for members while referencing a few events from the past series. The animation is very nice, which is a great step up from the original Genshiken anime trilogy. From memory, they didn’t change anything, so it’s a straight and true adaption, just like how the members of the Genshiken club would want it, I assume =D

Oh and Susanna. Oh god, Susanna animated is the best thing ever.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Ilya

I thought this was going to be like, 10 minute episodes that would go for a few weeks. So I was surprised when I opened the video to see it was a full-length episode. A nice kind of surprised. Now I’m not exactly a big Fate/fan (despite evidence to the contrary), I was pretty excited for this. I’d heard about it a lot before, so I assume it’s a manga spin-off that got animated, like Take-Moon aka Carnival Phantasm.

The first episode cemented the fact that this was going to be all fun. Rin and Luvia the magical girls, the talking and very personality-strong Kaleid sticks, and lil’ Ilya caught up in the middle of all of this madness as Kaleid Ruby tricks her into becoming a Magical Girl. It was pretty funny and I loved it. Seems like it will be a bundle of fun, so I’m looking forward to more~

also mandatory naked lolis mention

The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc

Well I can’t see this show being bad. It might be interesting since this is where the series really picked up on the action and story side, rather than the usual loosely connected arcs for each girl. The decision to skip a season’s worth of content is interesting, since at least two of the goddesses are in amongst that group of girls. The first episode did an okay job of covering stuff, but it was still lacking, I guess. So hey, if you only watch the anime, go read the manga from where Season 2 ended up to the events of the first episode of Goddesses Arc.

But in general, I enjoyed it. It’s still a great show, and the humour stands strong. Keima is still as great as ever. I guess that’s what’s really important.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

Urgh. Terrible. Abso-fucking-lutely terrible. I don’t know why I expected anything else. It was just plain bad. Even if somehow you played your way through the mess of the first game’s battle system, and are now up to the good games with good systems, still stay away from this.

And even worse, this show came out really late, and held up this blog post by like, a week. What a bitch.


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