Rabla’s Best Everythings of 2015

As part of the RZ Revival Project I figured I’d do an equivalent of the Rabla Awards that were hosted on Neoseeker in 2014 but for more stuff than videogames. Here’s a look into what I enjoyed in 2015!

Note that not everything in the list might be actually new from 2015, its just what I found and enjoyed in 2015.

– Best Animu Overall –


Gatchaman Crowds Insight was super fun to watch every week and is an incredibly compelling political drama. Looking over all the anime of 2015 was actually tough but I just kept coming back to this one. So that’s the winner. However next to this I did also keep coming back to, and almost considered…


– Best Unexpected Story Swerve –

Rokka no Yuusha is a fantasy anime about six chosen heroes picked out by a higher God that are destined to slay some Dark Lord threatening their land. This sounds like the most generic thing ever but this isn’t actually the plot of the anime, it’s just the background setting for the world. Rokka no Yuusha is actually one of the best mystery whodunnit anime I’ve ever watched, as the show is about the discovery that there are seven people with claims to being a chosen hero, and one of them is a traitor fake hero and has trapped them all inside a sealed off realm. Good stuff.

– Best Anime Trash –

I didn’t actually watch a lot of trash in 2015, my anime intake has been decreasing every year. However even if I had watched more I doubt much of it would stand up to the garbage that is Absolute Duo anyway. What a piece of shit. Monster Musume might have been worse but hey at least it committed to an original idea and powered on.

– Best Disappointment in Anime –

I’d say Charlotte but we all knew it was going to be shit so technically it fulfilled all expectations. I’m actually going to go with Chaos Dragon on this because the entire setup and cast was so fucking cool but it just… floundered and the delivery was weak. Makes me super sad. I still enjoyed it, because of the world-building and seeing the characters interact, but daaaaaamnnnnnn that could of been anime of the year itself. Oh, I guess the Gunslinger Stratos anime could also count for this award.

– Best Meal deal at KFC –

Definitely the upsized Five Stars Box continues to reign supreme, in my personal opinion. I think the new Chicken Dippers meals are strong contenders however and it will be interesting to see the continued line of new products and meal combinations going into 2016 for this fierce competition.

– Best 2015-release Video Game I played –


Metal fucking Gear. Best GAME. Story was weak, everyone knows this. Didn’t stop it from being the most polished, fun, super cool experience I’ve had in gaming for a rather long time. Its so good and I can’t wait for the next on- oh.

– Best Game I bought as a Joke that turned out to be Super Great –

Holy shit I literally bought HuniePop as a joke because I thought it was more cheap animu trash on Steam (which seemed to be the leading theme of 2015). I did not expect it to be one of the more entertaining and involved puzzle games I’d played in a long time. Characters are great, Audrey best girl. Can’t wait for more anything by HuniePot Studios. That guy is a pro.

– Best actual trash game that was better than it should have been –

I don’t really want to talk about the Sakura games any more than I have, especially now that I’m completely out of that franchise after the disgusting cashgrab of Sakura Clicker. Buuuuuuuut I did kind of enjoy Sakura Angels for what it was. It was kinda fun and enjoyable and I liked the story they had running there, which was completely unexpected on Game #2 that was following up the boring trashy mess that was Sakura Spirit. Angels gave me the impression that, well, these guys might eventually go on to make a legitimately good VN. SHAME I’LL NEVER PLAY IT.

– Best worst game I played –

RWBY Grimm Eclipse Echo of Souls (EOS) is probably the worst game by far I ended up playing in 2015. I thiiiiiink it came out during the year which would make it eligible for Worst Game 2015. If not well its probably the worst game of whatever year it did come out in. Even most shitty MMOs can manage to think of at least a dozen unique different quests to repeat as you grind out. EOS has two. You literally alternate between “Kill X of Y” or “Pick up X of Y item”. Fffffffuuuuuuuuuu what a piece of crap I feel bad for extending the potential time Bonecuss and Kanon ended up playing it with me because I kept pushing forward looking for more. I EVEN GAVE THAT GAME TEN BUCKS IN THE CASH SHOP FOR A SUPER DISCOUNT PACK OF BOOSTERS AND A CUTE HAT. Don’t think I ever actually used any of the fucking boosters. Urgh.

– Best Game that didn’t come out –


this year i swear

– Best King Kluck Quote –

“What if I get a bunch of black people to pose in my car. They’ll steal it but the photo op will be worth it”


– Best Mobile Game –

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is amaazinnnngggggg. Its actually a rather fleshed out fast thinking RPG. Good stuff. I went in to it assuming it would just be a FF-coloured time killer and, while I was aware of the multitude of systems available in the game I never really looked at them too hard. The first time I had the realization of how big of an actual RPG the game was is when I first had Doom cast on my party and was just like “holy shit Doom is in the mobile game”. Slowly but surely as I’ve gone on I’ve gotten more into it and its fun and great. Play it. Best part is, I’ve got lots of super great equipment and whatnot and I’ve spent NOTHING on the game. It’s completely playable and enjoyable just through gameplay handouts. 10/10.

– Best New Snack I discovered –

Sprinters chips are great buy them at ALDI

– Best Movie –

I… hm. There was actually a lot of good movies I watched in 2015. Thinking over them, the one I just remember having the most fun watching and thinking about it for ages was Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, which I’m probably going to rewatch pretty soon. Star Wars was pretty fucking good too, yeah.

– Best GIF –


– Best Manga I discovered in 2015 (not started in 2015) –

I read a lot of manga in 2015. A lot. It became a new hobby, I just fell super deep into that. As for what I read, there was a lot of good. Love Hina was the standout (seriously, I hadn’t read fucking Love Hina until last year), but not what I’m going to give it to. I was going to say Cage of Eden as I was preparing this, but… I decided to instead give it to Minamoto-kun Monogatari. That’s a really good harem manga with a strong overlying theme and its super interesting to see how the protag is directed towards certain girls to capture their affection based on the legend of Hikari Genji.

– Best Song –

‘Backside of the TV -Lotus Juice Remix’ from PERSONA4 DANCING ALL NIGHT


– Best Music Fandub –

‘aLIEz’ performed by Amanda Lee


– Best person at being a huge Loser –

Bonecuss. What a weeb.

– Best Book I read –

… uh… well, um… it’s not that.. ah fuck it, whatever. It was Sword Art Online. There, I said it. I don’t remember which of 2015’s volumes it was because I read them back-to-back so they blend but goddamn I really like the Alicization story series. Admittedly I don’t read a whole lot of books nowadays.

– Best waste of money –

My FFXIV subscription ayyyyyyy

– Best Girl 2015 –


Shinoa Hiiragi from Owari no Seraph. UNCONTESTED. No-one came fucking close.



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