Rabla’s Best Everythings of 2016

Hi hi, hello. This little thing was fun last year, so why not go again. Rabla Awards will show you the optimal experiences to have in 2016, except you missed out, so maybe hit them up in 2017? I dunno.

As always, the following is my opinion, and is of course correct and can be taken as fact.

– Best Animu Overall –


There was a lot of cool shows this year but nothing can really compare to a near-perfect 39 episode adaption of your favourite arc of your favourite manga. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable is the best of the best in terms of colour, style and direction, and I adore it to bits. This week was the first friday night in NINE MONTHS without a new episode of JoJo to watch and I nearly fuckin died.

– Best Animu Trash –

I almost skipped this one this year until I remembered the chaotic bus ride that is Mayoiga (The Lost Village). It’s supposed to be some deep analytical horror that touches on trauma and identity abandonment, and the overall idea is fuckin’ cool. However it’s so poorly handled and outright stupid that it plays more like a comedy, and I really enjoyed it as a comedy. It’s funny, and the fact it’s not meant to be makes it better.

– Best Disappointment in Animu –

Technically it isn’t finished, but I wouldn’t actually recommend the half of Rewrite that’s already out.  I went in expecting something mediocre and it still couldn’t even match that. It’s just… bleh. Hopefully the second season can step it up with a more focused story arc to follow but I dunno. You’d still have to watch the first half to get to it and that’s not great.

– Best Meal Deal at KFC –

The Zinger Stacker Meal Box is probably the best value for money right now. That burger alone is hueg and it comes with chips and three Wicked Wings? Shit man. That’s crazy. You could kill someone with that. Like me. I died.

– Best 2015 Release Video Game I Played –


Persona 5! This will win next year too.

Holy shit like this is actually the best RPG I’ve played in so long. It has a few minor flaws based on the new navigation that will be easily fixed for P6/P5R so nothing to really worry about. I want to get back into this game so much but ATLUS USA keep fuckin’ delaying it.

Close contenders for this spot were Bravely Second: End Layer, for basically the same reasons as above but it wasn’t as amazing as P5’s peaks, and Dark Souls III + Ashes of Ariandel for just being a super-cool amazing action title.

– Best Worst Game I Played –

Most people hated No Man’s Sky because they expected too much and it didn’t deliver. My experience was actually exactly what I expected; which was several hours of fuckin’ nothing. I hear it’s better now but if the overall gameplay is still the same and the endgame reward is still a flat-out lie then I doubt it’s worth returning to.

– Best Game that Didn’t Come Out –


T-This year, guys.

– Best King Kluck Quote –

“Whoever cast Jared Leto as G-Dragon did a good job”

– Best Mobile Game –

There’s a few things I could put here, but I’d honestly be lying if I put anything other than iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage. There’s not many games that can bankrupt me twice a year that I’ll immediately turn around and jump straight back into.

– Best New Snack I Discovered –

If I can count pulling them out of a package sent by Rana in the mail as ‘discovering’ then these Maple Flavoured Drops from Butternut Mountain Farm in Vermont sure take the cake. These are amazing. There’s one in my mouth as I write this.

– Best Movie –

This was kind of a balance between three films (Doctor Strange and Rogue One missing out) before I finally settled on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. There’s a really specific joy I get out of returning to a familiar universe after a long break, and the original story tied to the old tales I already knew are super exciting. So, this came out on top.

– Best Song –

‘Radio Happy’ by Yui Ohtsuki [Nanami Yamashita]

– Best Music Fandub –

‘GIRL’ by Shelly Louise Hunter

– Best Friend –

Kanon King Kluck of course, muh bro. Japan and back, top tier year for the pair of us. Nice.

– Best Person at Being a Huge Loser –

Bonecuss, second year running. You’d think he’d sorted his shit by now but nope.

– Best Book I Read –

This is the part where I admit I still don’t read anything but Sword Art Online

– Best Girl 2016 –


2016 was the year of Yui Ohtsuki. Happy to see how much push she got this year, with the CDs and spotlighting in Starlight Stage.


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