Anime Spring 2014 – Show’s I’m NOT watching, judged solely on their posters

This is something I just did on Twitter, and figured I’d throw it up here where it’s a bit cleaner. Basically, the title. All the show’s I’m NOT watching this season, I attempted to guess what the show is about from what the poster showed, and the name.


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Anime Summer 2013 – Episode 1’s Opinion Write-up

So this is something i’ve been trying to do since, Chuu2 aired. But for whatever reason that one just didn’t get done and I never got around to doing any others. So let’s try this again.

The latest season of anime has just started up, and I’m going to do some quick opinions on what I’ve watched so far. These are just the shows I’ve watched and nowhere near a complete look at the season, so yeah. Let’s jump right in~

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Little Busters! The Animation

So about.. an hour and a half ago, the first episode of Little Busters’ anime adaption by J.C Staff finished airing. And god damn, it was amazing.

It was the perfect adaption in the sense that it pretty much followed the game to the letter, and it was fantastic to include the quotes and scene effects, the bgm and scene changes, etc. Hell, during the baseball scene, Rin was still given the title “Legendary No-Con” and there was an actual pop-up on the screen!

Humour is fantastic just like the game, and it’s really a whole new level seeing everything in motion and.. alive, I guess.

Go watch it!

Persona 3 to be animated as a Movie


Well this was rather unexpected.

Persona 4 The Animation: The Factor of Hope hit cinemas today, and people coming out of it are saying one thing:

Persona 3 The Movie is on the way.

Won’t be sure if legit until we get either a screencam or official announcement of some kind, but it’s been reported on here and here so I’m willing to believe.

I shouldn’t have to point out how terrible an idea this is, unless its a series of multiple movies. You can not compress any RPG into a movie, let alone a Shin Megami Tensei game.

Anyyeah, we’ll see how this turns out.