Rabla’s Best Everythings of 2015

As part of the RZ Revival Project I figured I’d do an equivalent of the Rabla Awards that were hosted on Neoseeker in 2014 but for more stuff than videogames. Here’s a look into what I enjoyed in 2015!

Note that not everything in the list might be actually new from 2015, its just what I found and enjoyed in 2015.

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Anime Spring 2014 – Show’s I’m NOT watching, judged solely on their posters

This is something I just did on Twitter, and figured I’d throw it up here where it’s a bit cleaner. Basically, the title. All the show’s I’m NOT watching this season, I attempted to guess what the show is about from what the poster showed, and the name.


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EB Games Expo 2012 – Opinions Write-Up

Okay! Sup everyone. Just like last year (though it wasn’t on this site) I’m going to do a big write-up on what I think of the games I played. I actually have a LOT to cover and I don’t totally remember everything, so let’s see how we go. Also, again joining me at EB Expo this year was Kurt “Kluck” Luck, who was my companion for the majority of the day.

Advance note, when I list a platform next to a game title, that’s the platform I played it on. It may or may not be coming out on other platforms as well.

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