Top 10 Games of 2013

There was a Neoseeker-specific intro here, but it doesn’t really work on the blog, so I’m just going to jump straight into the list.

Oh, here’s something more appropriate to a random internet blog. My opinion is fact, fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuu.

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EB Games Expo 2013 – Opinions Write-Up

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. Let’s do this thing. Played some games, played with some new consoles, saw some girls in short skirts. Good way to spend a Friday. As usual, Kluck was with me, and as always he sucks.

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Persona 4 Arena CLIMAX – Speculah Post

So as a total Persona Lorefag, I thought I might go over some of the things we found out about the new P4A sequel today. If you want game details and stuff, go here instead: That’s a pretty well-done article covering everything we know.

This post will be geared more towards a story and character perspective.

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E3 Day 1 Highlights – 7 Games I am looking forward to.

E3 is a wonderful time of year, where dev blogs light up, livestreams turn on, and the announcements keep churning out. Today, we saw Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony take the stage as part of the E3 Stage Shows, and their conferences brought reveal after reveal. In this post, I’d like to quickly point out seven games I’m looking forward to. It’s not a “What I think about this and why I’ll get it” or anything like that. It’s just the game’s name, what it is, and a trailer. So enjoy.

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Random: My Dissidia3 Line-Up

Just a random little thing, I’ve been playing with the idea for like, years now, and I keep updating it every now and then So I’m just going to drop this here.

It’s rather extensive, not just a basic “these characters should be in it” so prepare for a read. Some parts are blank because I lack some knowledge of those games.

This will also probably be tweaked and expanded and shit as I go.

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Rabla Reviews: TES5 Skyrim – Dragonborn [PC]

Alright, another year, another Skyrim expansion. How I’m still playing this game WITHOUT these expansions coming out is insane enough. But we’ll get to that another time.

So yes, Dragonborn. Now I know this is basically an expected feature at this point for Bethesda, but I really do have to say it.


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EB Games Expo 2012 – Opinions Write-Up

Okay! Sup everyone. Just like last year (though it wasn’t on this site) I’m going to do a big write-up on what I think of the games I played. I actually have a LOT to cover and I don’t totally remember everything, so let’s see how we go. Also, again joining me at EB Expo this year was Kurt “Kluck” Luck, who was my companion for the majority of the day.

Advance note, when I list a platform next to a game title, that’s the platform I played it on. It may or may not be coming out on other platforms as well.

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