Persona 4 Arena CLIMAX – Speculah Post

So as a total Persona Lorefag, I thought I might go over some of the things we found out about the new P4A sequel today. If you want game details and stuff, go here instead: That’s a pretty well-done article covering everything we know.

This post will be geared more towards a story and character perspective.

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Swag: Rise Kujikawa Figure

2013-04-08 17.55.55

SO FOR SOME REASON, I bought another figure the other day. This time it’s the rather famous idol star from the legendary ‘Persona 4’, Rise Kujikawa! Anyway, as with the Kud post, more pics and info after the jump. Continue reading “Swag: Rise Kujikawa Figure”

Persona 3 to be animated as a Movie


Well this was rather unexpected.

Persona 4 The Animation: The Factor of Hope hit cinemas today, and people coming out of it are saying one thing:

Persona 3 The Movie is on the way.

Won’t be sure if legit until we get either a screencam or official announcement of some kind, but it’s been reported on here and here so I’m willing to believe.

I shouldn’t have to point out how terrible an idea this is, unless its a series of multiple movies. You can not compress any RPG into a movie, let alone a Shin Megami Tensei game.

Anyyeah, we’ll see how this turns out.