Little Busters! The Animation

So about.. an hour and a half ago, the first episode of Little Busters’ anime adaption by J.C Staff finished airing. And god damn, it was amazing.

It was the perfect adaption in the sense that it pretty much followed the game to the letter, and it was fantastic to include the quotes and scene effects, the bgm and scene changes, etc. Hell, during the baseball scene, Rin was still given the title “Legendary No-Con” and there was an actual pop-up on the screen!

Humour is fantastic just like the game, and it’s really a whole new level seeing everything in motion and.. alive, I guess.

Go watch it!


EB Games Expo 2012 – Opinions Write-Up

Okay! Sup everyone. Just like last year (though it wasn’t on this site) I’m going to do a big write-up on what I think of the games I played. I actually have a LOT to cover and I don’t totally remember everything, so let’s see how we go. Also, again joining me at EB Expo this year was Kurt “Kluck” Luck, who was my companion for the majority of the day.

Advance note, when I list a platform next to a game title, that’s the platform I played it on. It may or may not be coming out on other platforms as well.

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