Is This Really Okay? ~ Concerns of a Visual Novel Reader (Afterword Added)

Pretty much my entire opinion on the VN thing. Great read.

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There’s been a bit of drama in the Visual Novel community lately with the recent localisation of If My Heart Had Wings by the new Visual Novel publisher Moenovel. Specifically, there’s been much discussion (mostly backlash) over Moenovel’s decision to remove the game’s erotic content.

I’m still figuring out why, but there’s this clear disparity between my views and the views of the majority. Moenovel have copped so much flack over this decision. I haven’t seen it myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were getting death threats over it. This is hardly a new thing; it’s pretty commonplace to see Otaku getting mad when a release of something differs from the source. Just look at the flack various Anime adaptations of manga, light novels and visual novels get for not being ‘true to the original’. We’ve all been there. But, getting so aggressive over the…

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E3 Day 1 Highlights – 7 Games I am looking forward to.

E3 is a wonderful time of year, where dev blogs light up, livestreams turn on, and the announcements keep churning out. Today, we saw Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony take the stage as part of the E3 Stage Shows, and their conferences brought reveal after reveal. In this post, I’d like to quickly point out seven games I’m looking forward to. It’s not a “What I think about this and why I’ll get it” or anything like that. It’s just the game’s name, what it is, and a trailer. So enjoy.

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Swag: Kagerou Project Part 1 – MEKAKUCITYRECORDS Special Edition

Today I recieved a big box in the mail, which is always fun.

It’s slightly less fun when said mail comes before 9am in the morning and I have to drag myself out of bed to get to the door before the delivery guy walks off.

But anyway, Kagerou Days!

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