Rabla Reviews: TES5 Skyrim – Dragonborn [PC]

Alright, another year, another Skyrim expansion. How I’m still playing this game WITHOUT these expansions coming out is insane enough. But we’ll get to that another time.

So yes, Dragonborn. Now I know this is basically an expected feature at this point for Bethesda, but I really do have to say it.


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Rabla Reviews: TES5 Skyrim – Dawnguard [PC]

So Dawnguard suddenly popped up on the Steam Store last week (you might have seen me bitching on Twitter). Despite its annoying price, I went and bought it later that night anyway. The following day I woke up, got some food and a big drink, and sat down to launch into the land of Skyrim. What followed was probably one of my favourite stories in any Elder Scrolls game, and one of my favourite in any RPG ever.

I meant to do this last week but I had to recover from sitting there playing it for 17 hours with barely any stopping. So have it now.

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The first thing I have to point out is that this “review” was written for another website last December. So if there’s anything that seems odd about it, it’s because I didn’t write it with this website in mind. It should be fine though. MOVING ON, THE REVIEW.


Most people know that I’m a huge RPG freak and that ever since I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy III DS in late 2009, I’ve been in love with the franchise.

Of course, Final Fantasy doesn’t have the best reputation with fans after XIIXIXVII whatever game the fans have currently decided to poke at. I’ve said it a lot before, and I still think that the majority of the FF fanbase are reta-… aren’t that bright. Regardless, they’re not happy. Why? Because FF hasn’t been living up to its name in recent years. The brand name has been damaged, and Square Enix knows it. But on the 27th of October, a brand new entry in the series launched on the famous RPG king, the Playstation Portable. I’m going to tell you why it “saved Final Fantasy,” as the fans would put it.

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Rabla Reviews: Black Rock Shooter The Game [PSP]

The first thing I have to say after using that as the featured image is that the Opening video for this is done by ufotable and it is beautiful, so if theres only one thing you’re going to look at in this post, make it this:

Okay, done? Pretty cool right.

Anyway, the actual game.

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