Swag: Kudryavka Noumi Figure

So I bought a Figure, despite years of declaring I wouldn’t as they’re a waste of money.

They are, really, all they do is look nice. I could of spent that money on something that does something.

…oh well. Enjoy the pics.

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The first thing I have to point out is that this “review” was written for another website last December. So if there’s anything that seems odd about it, it’s because I didn’t write it with this website in mind. It should be fine though. MOVING ON, THE REVIEW.


Most people know that I’m a huge RPG freak and that ever since I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy III DS in late 2009, I’ve been in love with the franchise.

Of course, Final Fantasy doesn’t have the best reputation with fans after XIIXIXVII whatever game the fans have currently decided to poke at. I’ve said it a lot before, and I still think that the majority of the FF fanbase are reta-… aren’t that bright. Regardless, they’re not happy. Why? Because FF hasn’t been living up to its name in recent years. The brand name has been damaged, and Square Enix knows it. But on the 27th of October, a brand new entry in the series launched on the famous RPG king, the Playstation Portable. I’m going to tell you why it “saved Final Fantasy,” as the fans would put it.

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Rabla Reviews: Black Rock Shooter The Game [PSP]

The first thing I have to say after using that as the featured image is that the Opening video for this is done by ufotable and it is beautiful, so if theres only one thing you’re going to look at in this post, make it this:

Okay, done? Pretty cool right.

Anyway, the actual game.

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Persona 3 to be animated as a Movie


Well this was rather unexpected.

Persona 4 The Animation: The Factor of Hope hit cinemas today, and people coming out of it are saying one thing:

Persona 3 The Movie is on the way.

Won’t be sure if legit until we get either a screencam or official announcement of some kind, but it’s been reported on here and here so I’m willing to believe.

I shouldn’t have to point out how terrible an idea this is, unless its a series of multiple movies. You can not compress any RPG into a movie, let alone a Shin Megami Tensei game.

Anyyeah, we’ll see how this turns out.

An Introduction to RZ Reviews

As I mentioned in the Opening Post, i’m going to be doing a few reviews of stuff here.

For anyone who knows me, they’re probably aware that I don’t care for reviews in the slightest, and are probably confused at this little tidbit. Well, allow me to explain.

My reviews are not going to be in the traditional sense, where I criticise every other detail and give you a score out of whatever at the end. RZ Reviews are going to be complete opinion pieces, where I’ll give a general idea of the game/show/whatever, and then tell you what I liked about it, what I thought wasn’t too good, and from there i’ll leave it up to you whether you want to look into it further.

I’ll have a general Reviews page up later on which will link off to each one, after I actually start making them, and also list what I plan to review in the future.

Look forward to it, I guess. Ciao for nao.

How muscle took over the world: Project Outline

Kakera Complex

Attention Little Busters, a new mission is about to begin. But before that, a word on the issues behind Visual Novel localization.

I’m sure many fans of Key or VNs in general are aware of the general consesus of the Japanese communities regarding their visual novels; the idea that their games should stay within the country.

Originally, I supposed that this was an idea born from unawareness of us western fans, but each day I find more and more evidence to the contrary. The Japanese know we exist, but our existence is a threat to the industry. Why is this? It’s because of messy politics of visual novel localization. Even though there is demand in the west for new Visual Novel releases, Japan can’t comply because what can pass for sale in Japan won’t necessarily pass for sale overseas, so the commercial localization of VNs in the west is usually…

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Opening of the new Rabla Zone

Hello everyone.

Well, basically i’m opening a blog on WordPress. The last time I used the old RZ, the one on piczo, was… 2009? Basically piczo got really shitty and I stopped using it. And there’s been no RZ since.

So, since I felt like yelling my opinions at the world again, I’m opening this nice little blog on WordPress. It’s going to be very basic until I get some more work on it, but I plan on having little opinion pieces, game anime “reviews” (opinions), links to my fanfictions and webcomic releases, and other stuff. I dunno, whatever I feel like posting.

So, look forward to it, I guess.